Lucifer downlights are notable for their diminutive trim scale, distinctive finishes, and overall engineering to tune light using multiple effects devices. A wide range of products allow you to create an equally broad range of effects, whether installed in new residences or remodeled retail settings, poolside or commercial kitchens, art galleries or corporate offices. Quartz halogen lamps offer warm light that provides crisp rendition of textures and skin tones, while high intensity discharge (HID) lamps offer massive amounts of light at very low wattage.

CYLA2-PROVISIONAL New CYLA2-PROVISIONAL - Cylinder Luminaire DH-NIC-RM2 DH-NIC-RM2 - Gemini Round Modular DH-NIC-SM2 DH-NIC-SM2 - Gemini Square Modular DL10ZP DL10ZP - Round Fixed Shallow Regress DL10ZP-LEDX DL10ZP-LEDX - Round Fixed Shallow Regress LED Downlight
DL11XM DL11XM - Round Fixed Compact DL11Z DL11Z - Round Fixed DL15XM DL15XM - Round Fixed Compact and with Baffle DL15Z DL15Z - Round Fixed with Regressed Baffle DL1X DL1X - Round Fixed Compact with Baffle
DL1YP DL1YP - Round Fixed LED/ AR111/ R111/ Par30/ Par36 Downlight DL1ZP DL1ZP - Round Fixed DL1ZP-LEDX DL1ZP-LEDX - Round Fixed LED Downlight DL20ZP DL20ZP - Round Fixed Shallow Regress Wet Location DL20ZP-LEDX DL20ZP-LEDX - Round Fixed Shallow Regress Wet Location LED Downlight