Our History


The products of Lucifer Lighting Company reflect the convergence of several business interests and personal passions.  This family company grew first out of appreciation for the hard work lighting must do, along with the stunning effects it can create.  Before starting Lucifer Lighting, the founders operated high-fashion department stores showcasing European and American couture.  On a trip to Europe, buyers noticed a glass display case with precious jewelry beautifully illuminated from an invisible source.  This was their introduction to recessed linear strip lighting.  After purchasing the lighting products for use in their own stores, they began manufacturing these fixtures.

This heritage of learning from other industries has continued through the Company’s almost 30-year history.  Our first engineer came from the aerospace industry and brought with him an understanding of the importance of managing heat along with light, as well as a strong sense of aerodynamic design.  Other engineers bring their ideas about sleek styling and innovative use of light sources from experience in the automotive industry.  Our past work with finely tailored garments encourages us to focus on fit and finish and effective rendering of texture in everything we make.  Passion for fine art led us to create fixtures that enhance beautiful and valuable objects.  Love of lighting led us to create tuneable lights that can be easily adapted to create ever-changing and dramatic effects. 

We find our inspiration in many places.  But at Lucifer, it all comes back to lighting.