Because light, after all, is pure energy, Lucifer Lighting is keenly aware of our responsibility to create products that give you the most beautiful light at the lowest energy consumption possible.   To this end, we offer many fixtures that use alternative, lower energy consuming light sources, such as fluorescent, metal halide and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).   And, every new product initiative seeks to not only use one of these light sources, but to do so in a way that is affordable and effective for our customers.

Additional sustainability initiatives include:

  • Almost every one of our products can be controlled by occupancy and photo sensors that turn lights off when they are not required, thereby reducing energy usage.
  • All products are packaged in boxes made with post-consumer recycled content, and we are transitioning all printed materials onto post-consumer recycled content papers.
  • Our own headquarters building is in the process of being LEED certified Silver and we currently meet 8% of our energy needs with non-polluting, renewable wind energy.

We have instituted a comprehensive environmental action plan, which calls for reducing VOCs released during product production, eliminating landfill waste per production unit, installing low-flow plumbing fixtures, and improving the ergonomics of our workplace.   Currently, we also use a daylight harvesting system to improve visual comfort for our employees and reduce energy consumption, and recycle 95% of the waste from our prototype lab and blanking operations.

Take a look at a commercial shot in part at our offices by CPS Energy in support of the regional wind energy provider, Windtricity®.