Round Wallwash Wide Aperture LED Downlight

Round, fixed-angle wallwash, dimmable* LED downlight available in multiple LED module configurations: 80+CRI and 95+CRI, 500, 700, 1000 and 1300 lumen packages (refer to specification sheet). Diminutive 3.95” trim plate available in zero-sightline or flange overlay. For zero-sightline applications, when conditions are met, the trim profile is flush with the ceiling plane. For flange overlay, trim profile measures .055” thick and is almost invisible against ceiling plane. Angled, die-cast wide aperture with interior baffle and deeply regressed lamp includes linear spread and frosted lenses. 2.38" round aperture includes Professional Baffle. Accepts 1 additional effects device. Recommended fixture spacing is 34” on-center, with 34” setback from wall plane. Optional ceiling mounted appliqué is available for zero-sightline applications. *Dimming by power supply.

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