Z Series

The Z Series features extremely refined round and square fixtures with very low profiles that are almost invisible against the ceiling. Many trims can be installed flush to the ceiling for zero sightline applications. All fixtures are made with small apertures and trim diameters of usually 4” or less and feature frosted lenses as standard. Precisely machined springs clips and ball plungers ensure secure retention even as they block light leakage and allow the trim to be rotated from below. An optional regressed black baffle eliminates aperture flash and glare. Z Series fixtures are available for U.S. domestic and International applications, and for wet and dry applications.

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DL1ZP - Round Fixed
DL2DGZP - Round Adjustable Gear Driven
DL2RZP - Round Adjustable
DL5ZP - Round Wallwash Mirage®
DL6ZP - Round Wallwash Mirage® Wet Location

DL8ZP - Round Adjustable Dual-Axis
DL9ZP - Round Fixed Wet Location
DL10ZP - Round Fixed Shallow Regress
DL11Z - Round Fixed
DL15Z - Round Fixed with Regressed Baffle

DL20ZP - Round Fixed Shallow Regress Wet Location
DL21Z - Round Diminutive Naiad Wet Location
DL21ZCP - Round Diminutive Adjustable Polymer Naiad Wet Location
DL23Z - Suspended Glass Star
DL24Z - Square Adjustable Naiad Wet Location