X Series

The X Series features round and square fixtures with small apertures, clear lenses as standard, and larger trim diameters of about 5”, which makes them especially appropriate for remodeling applications where a larger trim may be required to conceal ceiling openings. An optional regressed black baffle eliminates aperture flash and glare. X Series fixtures are available for U.S. domestic applications only, and for wet and dry applications.

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DL1X - Round Fixed Compact with Baffle
DL2X - Round Adjustable Compact with Baffle
DL4XM - Round Deep Cone Compact
DL5X - Mirage® Compact
DL11XM - Round Fixed Compact

DL15XM - Round Fixed Compact and with Baffle
DL21X - Round Adjustable Naiad Wet Location
DL21XCP - Round Adjustable Polymer Naiad Wet Location